10 Important keys For SEO

After we have discussed Keyword Research and Quality Content, it’s time to learn more about keyword density.

3 – Keyword Density


Now that you’ve created an excellent article with the previous keys, then it’s time to analyse the density of the keyword chosen for it.

Distribute your main keyword throughout the article, within optimum density (usually between 3% and 5%). That way, you’ll signal to the search engines that that particular article refers to that word. But be careful!

Having a very high density (above 5%) may suggest that you are employing artificial techniques in your SEO strategy, meaning trying to trick search engines into better positions. Your site may be punished.

At the same time, it’s important not to use just the exact keyword, but also match types and synonyms. This makes sense because in a naturally written text with no pretence of Internet ranking, it is difficult for a word to be repeated several times in the exact match. Use singular, plural, synonyms.

Stay tuned for the next key in SEO ‘Friendly URL.’