Make it relevant
Your domain name has to communicate the right message to your visitors. People can easily get a better understanding of what your website and business does if you make your domain name relevant to your operations. Make sure the words that make up your domain name don’t mean different things to different people, or different languages.

Keep it short and sweet
The more, the merrier doesn’t work when you’re looking for a brand domain name. It’s better to limit it to just one or two words. Some of the world’s most popular websites have domain names made up of just nine characters.

Easy to spell and type in
Your brand domain name should be easy to spell. An easy to spell domain name is always easier to remember. Avoid words that are easily misspelled or words that carry hyphens, numbers and unusual characters. If you happen to own a domain that contains a number, you might want to consider buying one where that number can be displayed as a word.

Be unique
Choosing a unique domain name for your new website will help you distinguish your brand from your competitors. Even if your business is in an industry where names are similar, look for something that would make your domain name stand out and appear easily identifiable. Domain names like are generic and unremarkable compared to a name like, which is a unique name for a computer specialist.