Project Description


To Rebuild East Grinstead Sports Club Website

The Challenge
East Grinstead Sports Club (EGSC) approached us to completely rebuild their website from scratch. The existing site was nearly 10 years old, and the client new that web technologies had changed a lot. They also asked us to manage their domain name, email systems, Google and Social Media, and to bring these in line with the new site.

The Solution
WordPress was the platform of choice due to its multi-user capabilities, allowing trustees and members to update content. The site was built with mobile responsiveness as the key design feature, whilst showcasing the clubs, facilities and potential venue hire of the site. On launch, the site has had more visitors than anybody expected.

We set up their email system, allowing all email clients to take advantage of imap email for all devices. The Google account was re-invigorated allowing the public to know opening times and busy periods. Whilst the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ were all rebranded and a multi-user system set up.