Project Description


To rebuild aviation events company website

The Challenge
We had previously built Everest Events website on the WordPress platform 3 years previous. But websites and web technologies are always advancing. So, we suggested to the client that it was time for a rebuild,

The Solution
The client was already happy with the WordPress platform and was very happy managing and updating their own site content, But design and graphic trends have changed, so time for a refresh.

A new theme was chosen that already had an event system built into it that was very customisable. It was also geared up better for larger graphics and a cleaner design. We exported all event details and posts from the previous site, and then began building on our reseller hosting and staging account, The customer was shown our creative thoughts on the look and feel and was very happy.

The new site was built with further enhancements over the previous site. Once complete approval was received, we migrated the site to the client’s own hosting account. We backed up the previous site in case there was any problems, then launched the new site to live.


Everest Events

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Everest Events