Project Description


To design an internal ‘What do you want from us?’ campaign

The Challenge
Inchcape, who are the Audi Crawley dealership, asked us to create an internal campaign for their staff. They wanted to get comments from the staff on how the management team and the showroom was viewed.

The Solution
The aim was to make this an anonymous campaign so that any comments by staff were not attributed to them personally. Plus, we needed to make it a little bit of fun so that it wasn’t just seen as a corporate campaign. We themed it ‘What do you want from us?’.

We designed a series of posters that were placed around the showroom with anonymous slips that could be taken away and placed in a suggestions box. We did not have heavy brand guidelines to adhere to, as this was purely internal, but we did have to have to be mindful of the brand.

Inchcape – Audi Crawley

Graphic Design

Inchcape Audi Crawley